Service System

Service Center

Begins with customer’s civil, until the product lifetime use fixed number of
year, Suzhou Lingmu Elevator provide the most considerate all the refinement of
the services.

After-sales service network covering the whole country

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator have branches in all major cities at home, do the first
time for local customer response and efficient supply of spare parts.

Urgent repair service 24 hours a day

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator emergency troubleshooting and AD hoc 24-hour customer
hotline and will love you for the first time to provide service for you.

Monitoring and control network

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator regularly to send to your testing equipment running
status, will make you the most professional maintenance of the equipments

Service - to extend to life

Sold products does not mean the end of the service, and that it is a new starting point of service, after-sales service is even better than the product purchase can reflect a more business The consciousness of “social responsibility”, the good faith service attitude.

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator is to provide you with a 24-hour service offered: no matter when and where,Once the elevator running fault occurs, the company allocate recent maintenance
personnel with the fastest speed, the shortest time arrived at the scene to provide the most professional maintenance services.

Please believe that our service will always on the road, in each and every need our moment, no end.

Concentrative Considerate Relaxing in use