Transformation is introduced
■ Set up service institutions
“Leads the market with the customer service” is the common vision, under this concept, elevator company is equipped with engineers, project managers, field engineers, technicians and other professional personnel, for the customer in the elevator control technology, drive technology, control system, decoration effect. Reform set consulting, quotation, configuration, production,
installation, commissioning, to provide one-stop, all-round service.

■ Transforming business introduction
By providing the latest technology and high quality service, old modernization in a leading position. Old modernization engineers will provide you with one-stop service. According to the requirements of the customers the number of existing equipment and renovation, after the most appropriate modification plan, to conduct a comprehensive transformation of the system. Transforming influence the use of building small, less investment and construction period is short.
After transforming the escalator will save more power, lower maintenance cost, a few years he will withdraw investment costs.

Elevator maintenance

1, elevator use unit, the main responsibility is the safe use of the elevator should establish elevator maintenance management system, entrust a qualified maintenance unit for maintenance. Elevator unit using the change of maintenance unit, shall do a good job in the cohesion may not be caused by change of maintenance units in use the elevator without maintenance.

2, elevator use units shall set elevator safety management institutions or with full-time safety management personnel, in the elevator for routine safety management, and supervise the elevator maintenance unit for every 15 days at least have a preventive maintenance of elevator.

3, elevator safety management personnel shall obtain the certificate of special equipment operating personnel in accordance with the provisions, and shall not engage in the corresponding management work. Elevator failure or accident, should immediately stop using the elevator, inform the maintenance unit for repair and maintenance, and do a good job in the scene of the accident protection report local special equipment safety supervision organization quality supervision department.

4, elevator use unit shall supervise the maintenance work of the maintenance unit, and in the maintenance, maintenance and repair service sign work record.

5, the elevator using unit shall, according to the provisions of article 26 of the regulations establish the elevator technical files. The elevator technical file should be long-term preservation.

Spare Parts

■ In the product warranty period
For the owner of the elevator I will free replacement damage under normal use of the elevator components.
We will also at the scene of the elevator used to do along with it a part of the common parts.

■ In the product after the warranty period
Beyond product quality warranty, spare parts supply to ensure that the building elevator continuous safe and high-quality operation.
After the maintenance contracts for owner side elevator I company will provide normal with preferential price The broken elevator parts.
After the maintenance contracts will also be prepared to do along with it a part of spare parts.

■ In the aspect of technical training
Arrange professional maintenance engineers to the scene for owner free technical guidance training two maintenance personnel.