human resource strategy

Suzhou Lingmu Elevator, has always been adhering to the human resource is the first resource of advanced ideas, namely, to produce first-class products, and to set up the first-class brand, more to cultivate first-class talents, the company adhere to the market and the enterprise development strategy as the guide to human resources management and development, is committed to the construction of learning-oriented enterprises, provide good career development plan for employees, broad space for development.

  • Talented person idea

    Talent concept is the enterprise attaches great importance to the talented person, love people, reasonable development talents, use talents, retain talents, promote talent's guiding ideology and values. Man proposes, god disposes, also in your hands.

  • Personnel Recruitment

    Suzhou Lingmu Elevator invites industry professionals to join! You join is the first step on the Suzhou Lingmu Elevator develops, is the start of our growth!

  • Core Idea

    In today's competition between enterprises, in the final analysis is the talent competition. Set up the idea for what kind of person, what kind of person, is a matter of the vicissitudes of the enterprise. Such as Qingdao municipal hospital talent concept: "eclectic, men."